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Ceramic Coatings

 Ceramic coatings have been very popular with car enthusiasts, sports car owners, and also high end vehicles, now it's time to bring them to the everyday driver!  These coatings offer a superior surface protection against the elements, bird droppings, light scratches (9H), etc.  The process of applying a ceramic coating encompasses a tremendous amount of prep work; the paint should be fully corrected, then claybar'd and polished to perfection before application of the final coating(s) to achieve the optimum results.  Once done properly however, this coating will last for years. 

At Devlin Detailing, we have done over 130 ceramic coatings from rare show cars to everyday work vehicles.  Don't trust this process to someone without experience, get the most out of your money!


We use the Mother's CMX, CarPro CQuartz, Pearl Nano, or Ardex lines of products for our coatings; the prep products depend on the condition of the paint.  We offer coatings that last from 1-5+ years.

Pricing is higher than a normal detail with wax, as the prep work alone can take many hours of work depending on the size and condition of the vehicle.  Once finished however, this coating will protect against scratches and swirls for years with minimal upkeep, as opposed to waxes which last a maximum of 6 months.

Our Guarantee:

If the coating fails to perform for the advertised minimum length of time, we will re-coat it free of charge.


Ceramic After 1 YEAR!

This is the effect ceramic still has on water after a FULL YEAR with no maintenance except regular washing...