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About Us


Experienced Staff

Our lead detailer has over 20 years of experience in the automotive and marine detailing trade and is trained in the use and application of a wide variety of tools, products and tricks of the trade.  This means that we will get your car looking, smelling and feeling the best it can.  One of our greatest points of pride is hearing our customers say "I can't believe you were able to get that out" or "It looks better than when I bought it."


High-End Work at an Everyday Affordable Price

We put 120% into each and every vehicle, treating it as our own.  At Devlin Detailing, you get the Cadillac product at the Chevrolet price.  While we absolutely do high end cars, we specialize in daily-drivers, which deserve to be treated like garage queens.  The chemicals and products we use are the best on the market and come from a plethora of different manufacturers to ensure the very best goes onto each vehicle based on its (and the owners') individual needs.


Our Customer Quality Promise

We are committed to providing the very best in detailing services at an affordable cost to everyone.  We specialize in average, daily-driven vehicles.  We will absolutely under no circumstances use a product or method (i.e. acid, steel wool on leather, etc.) that will damage your vehicle (short or long term) just to achieve a result, this is the prime example of what sets us apart from much of our competition.  We believe a clean, well protected car is the best result, and the results certainly vary based on age, level of previous care, etc.